Community Engagement Workshop
Community Engagement Workshop (CEW) is an event which targets to bring people from different professions in local community together, creates awareness about local problems and solutions to those problems specially in the fields of interest of IEEE. It is targeted to enhance humanitarian activities of IEEE with the help of people or organization outside IEEE. The IEEE Young Professionals and IEEE SIGHT has allocated resources to help local affinity groups to organize these CEW in their area. The Young Professional affinity groups, who are interested in organizing a CEW, are invited to apply for these resources.

CEW: A CEW is an effort to understand and analyze existing problems in a local community and possibly educate people about its solutions.

  1. CEW can be one day workshop with presentations and discussions centered around community problems. The workshop can be hosted by any entity such as universities, industries, local govt units, etc.
  2. The participants of such event would be local population from various professions such as doctors, teachers, cab/bus drivers, local govt officials, etc.
  3. A substantial percentage of people would be of engineering profession and IEEE members (students, engineers, professors, etc.).
  4. The workshop should motivate and engage these people into discussion of existing problems in their community.
  5. After identifying major problems, the workshop should try to identify few solutions as well. If there are enthusiastic students, they should be encouraged to take on these problems as a curriculum project. Engineers might consider it as a hobby and for professors, it might become an interesting research/teaching problem.
  6. Some other participants can be partners/organizations with similar interest as SIGHT. These organizations can be NGOs, Govt offices, Companies, Research labs, etc. These participants can help in nurturing the solutions being proposed during the workshop.

More details about CEW can be found in the document available here. The proposals for CEW must be submitted through the event funding portal.

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