Why µVolunteering?

Due to the specific period in life at which Young Professionals find themselves, free time is limited. Some of the participants might have been active IEEE volunteers during their student days, but with the shift to work and managing their careers, they find it challenging to maintain the same level of involvement as a volunteer. Other Young Professionals have been IEEE members for years, but have never tried volunteering, and would like to start somewhere small. The proposed micro-volunteering (µVolunteering) platform would help address such needs, by introducing a degree of flexibility to volunteering within IEEE. Through this platform, Young Professionals will be able to advertise and search for volunteering opportunities, be it short- or long-term, local or remote, or requiring different skills.

The µVolunteering platform could potentially serve all IEEE members, contributing to the improvement of member and volunteer retention and satisfaction rates. For more information about the µVolunteering, and the IEEE Young Professionals Business plan, please refer to the IEEE Young Professionals business plan.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is µVolunteering?
Micro-volunteering(µVolunteering) involves a volunteer working for smaller tasks that contribute towards a larger event or project.
What are the features of the µVolunteering platform?
The µVolunteering online platform allows IEEE members only to access a repository of world-wide volunteering opportunities within IEEE. Members use their IEEE credentials to enter the platform, enable a personal profile detailing their volunteering interests and skills, create and apply for volunteering opportunities, and automatically generate a volunteering CV and tract their level of engagement.
The µVoluneering online platform is divided into communities, currently based on geolocation. Users are placed within communities based on their IEEE membership profile. Currently, users can only create and respond to opportunities and communication that takes place within their own community.
Is the µVolunteering platform moderated?
No, the µVolunteering platform is not officially moderated, however community administrators have the ability to remove or block content that is deemed unsuitable within their respective community.
The online community relies on members’ adherence to the code of conduct. Platform members and community administrators also have the possibility to report misconduct, which will then be addressed at a higher level.
Members who are found to post inappropriate content (abuse; attacks on other users, IEEE, ideologies; etc.) or misuse the µVolunteering platform for personal gain or to cause harm will be banned, and further action will be taken at higher levels within IEEE as deemed suitable.
Will I need to create yet another username and password to join the µVolunteering platform?
No. The µVolunteering platform is based on your IEEE member profile, so you use your IEEE user credentials to log in. The first time you login, you will need to set up you account. This consists of accepting the user code of conduct, and answering 3 short questions regarding your volunteering interests, skills, and optionally linking your LInkedIN account. By connecting your LInkedIN account, it will automatically import your profile photo, short biography, and the most recent work experience and education. During the profile setup, your member data from IEEE will also be imported, such as Section, Country, Region, email, and technical interests. To this end, we rely on IEEE members to ensure their membership profile is up-to-date.
Who can post volunteering opportunities?
Only community administrators can post volunteering opportunities currently.
Who can apply for volunteering opportunities?
Any user on the respective µVolunteering community can apply for volunteering opportunities.
There are three types of applications for volunteering opportunities:
  • Volunteering opportunities with no formal application process: these follow a “show of hands” process, and anyone interested can apply. They do not require any specific skills.
  • Volunteering opportunities with a limited, or targetted, application process: these are opportunities where applicants need some specific skills, relevant to being able to carry out the volunteering job successfully. The application process requires some proof in relation to the specific skills required for the job.
  • Volunteering opportunities with a comprehensive application process: these are the volunteering opportunities at the highest level of commitment, and require applicants to have a solid knowledge of IEEE, several specific skills, and demonstrated experience. These volunteering opportunities may also address sensitive or consequential materials or aspects, such as personal data or finances.

Applicants are considered based on their application, information in their profile, and within the limit of volunteering places available and timeliness of their reply to the volunteering position. The decision of selecting volunteers for opportunities is at the discretion of the opportunity creator.
What if I don’t get selected for a volunteering opportunity?
It may happen that in some cases it will take several tries before being selected for a volunteering opportunity you apply for. We encourage you to keep trying. You can also reach out either to the community administrators, or the IEEE Young Professionals Executive Committee, in order to understand how you can improve your application or personal profile.
Opportunity creation, application, and acceptance processes are also tracked by the platform anonymously, as aggregate data, in order to better understand user engagement and dynamics, as well as detect any possible misuse.
How much commitment is required from me?
There are different levels of involvement, based on the role you have on the platform. Community administrators and organizational units (OUs) champions require the highest level (and time) of commitment. This is estimated at roughly 4 hours per week. Additionally time may be required in the first week, where you help the IEEE Young Professionals Executive Committee set up and personalize your community. Throughout your role as either a Community administrator or OU champion, we will provide support and training, through regular communication.
As a platform user, your level of commitment and engagement is up to you. However, keep in mind that the more engaged users are, the more successful the pilot will be, in terms of identifying what works, what doesn’t, and what improvements can be made.
How do I become a community administrator or OU champion?
Each OU that is selected and agrees to participate in the pilot will designate their own community administrators and champions. These may be the same people, and there is no limit on how many any OU can appoint. We do recommend that OUs appoint at least 2 community administrators and/or champions, so that they may stand in for each other should one of them not be able to participate at any point.
OUs can also add more community administrators and champions throughout the duration of the pilot, as they see fit.
Special guidelines and help will be given to OUs in the process of selecting their community administrators and champions, in order to ensure the best candidates are put forth. These will be trained on how to use the platform. OU champions will coordinate with IEEE Young Professionals in terms of awareness and engagement campaigns to promote µVolunteering to their OU members and volunteers.
What if my organizational unit is not selected to be part of the pilot?
Unfortunately, the pilot is limited at only 25 OUs, which means that, at this point, the online platform cannot accommodate all interested parties. OUs that are not selected to participate in the pilot will however be kept informed on the developments. These OUs will also receive priority in accessing the platform when it expands, should the pilot prove successful.
I am not a Young Professionals member, can I still be part of the pilot or join the µVolunteering platform?
Yes! The µVolunteering platform is open to all IEEE members. The pilot replies on the help of IEEE members and volunteers at all levels, and all OUs within IEEE. The Call for Interest sent in relation to the pilot as aimed at Section Chairs, Technical Society Presidents, as well as Region and Division DIrectors. We strongly believe that, should the µVolunteering program be successful, it requires all IEEE members and volunteers to work together, sharing their expertise, and improving collective understanding of what our members’ and volunteers’ needs and how we can best address them.
At the pilot stage, only 25 IEEE OUs will be granted access to the platform. All IEEE members within these 25 OUs can access the platform at this point.

For more questions, contact us at yp@ieee.org

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