December 2016 Edition

A Message from the IEEE Young Professional Committee:

Mario Milicevic
2015-2016 Chair
  Over the past two years, IEEE Young Professionals has increased the number of ways that members can engage with the global IEEE community. We have expanded our reach within Technical Societies by bringing more exposure to young professional initiatives, and by giving local and international members an opportunity to connect at IEEE conferences around the world. We helped build the new IEEE entrepreneurship community, and also piloted member-focused activities such as technology bootcamps and community engagement workshops. Our local impact has been tremendous with the creation of 25 new affinity groups, while our online engagement continued to thrive with 23 webinars and over 100+ articles in our IMPACT blog. The future growth of the IEEE Young Professionals program will be fueled by the execution of a 3-year business plan that will bring more activities to members with more opportunities to engage with the global IEEE member network.

Rafal Sliz
Incoming 2017 Chair
  2017 will be a year of great challenges for IEEE Young Professionals. However, thanks to the hard work and devotion of predecessors, future engagment of young members is very exciting. The main focus of the IEEE Young Professionals committee in 2017 will be the implementation of a 3-year business plan, which will increase the value of IEEE membership for young members, and provide young volunteers with the support they need to make volunteering fun and exciting. Our primary goal is to improve the cooperation of young members among various units within the IEEE. Taking into account the motivation, energy and sparkling spirit of the members of this committee, I am certain that IEEE Young Professionals will positively influence the IEEE in an unprecedented way.

IEEE Spectrum Highlight: Controlling a Hand Exoskeleton With Your Mind

  Researchers have developed a hand exoskeleton that can be controlled solely by thoughts and eye movements. Six quadriplegic individuals tested the device in everyday situations; they successfully picked up coffee cups, ate donuts, squeezed sponges, and signed documents. Check out this IEEE Spectrum article to watch the video and learn more about this brain-controlled robotic limb technology from the University Hospital of Tubingen in Germany.

IMPACT Blog Highlight: IEEE HardTech Summit brings tech entrepreneurship to the Asia-Pacific

  Earlier this month, the IEEE HardTech Summit brought together hardware technology entrepreneurs, leaders, makers, researchers, and enthusiasts from across the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore, a thriving hardware startup hub, where attendees got a firsthand look at new hardware products under development. Keynote talks featured technology entrepreneurs who shared their stories about product development and what to expect from investors.

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IEEE Rising Stars
2-4 January 2017, Las Vegas, NV

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