May 2016 Edition

IEEE Spectrum Highlight: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Picks Passive Levitation for Pods

  Check out this IEEE Spectrum article covering the recent breakthrough in Hyperloop's magnetic levitation technology. The passive levitation system, called Inductrack, works by lining the bottom of the pod with permanent magnets, placed in a so-called Halbach array so as to induce a repelling field when they pass over shorted, that is, non-powered, electromagnetic coils on the railbed. Because the maglev effect is passive, any power cutoff would both slow the pod and cause it to settle down on the track. Read more and watch the video!

It's meetup season! Come network with us!

  Looking to connect with IEEE members from around the world? Check out one of our upcoming meetups in your region:

Montreal, Canada - 23 May 2016
ISCAS meetup at Bier Markt

San Francisco, CA - 24 May 2016
IMS meetup at Jillian's

San Jose, CA - 7 June 2016
Tech Industry Summit at Brittania Arms

Atlanta, GA - 12 June 2016
COMPSAC panel discussion

New York, NY - 18 June 2016
Honors Ceremony meetup at Gotham Hall

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IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum is coming to New Orleans

  Be part of the first-of-its-kind Future Leaders Forum focused on early career technology innovators and thinkers. Meet world-renowned technology leaders and learn how to be one. Be energized by the insights and wisdom of your fellow attendees. Be inspired by the specially formulated leadership labs to boost your career, and enjoy the music, food, and culture of New Orleans. Register today!

Special IEEE offer for Professionals ​Renewable Energy ​Program in Iceland, June 2016

  The GREEN Team invites you to an exhilarating five-day journey in Iceland, 11-15 June 2016. Engage with fellow pioneers, educators, and innovators in one of the most celebrated and sustainable destinations on the planet.​ Created to celebrate leaders who are continuing to advance their own fields while remaining dedicated to mentoring and collaborating with the next generation of student change-makers, join the GREEN Team for the experience for leading ​​sustainability professionals​​​.​ Price: US $1750 includes meals, housing, in-country transportation, adventure excursions, renewable energy site visits, insurance, and workshops hosted by Iceland School of Energy. Contact to register before spots run out! Click here for more travel destinations by the GREEN program.

IMPACT Blog Highlight: From Engineer to Manager - Mastering the Transition

  Young professionals and students in the engineering and technology disciplines are predominantly focused on developing their technical attributes in order to succeed in their careers. As their careers progress, they find themselves facing the daunting task of rapidly transitioning into a management role and realise that they need a set of skills which they haven’t developed sufficiently. In this month's IMPACT blog highlight, we delve into this topic with Claudio Insaurralde, the IEEE Victorian Section TEMS Chair and Region 10 Industry Relations committee member.

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Wideband Instrument for Snow Measurement (WISM) Radiometer with NASA Engineer,
Dr. Quenton Bonds

Date: 9 June 2016
Time: 9:30pm Eastern
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