September 2016 Edition

One Week Left to Vote in the IEEE Election

Voting for the 2016 IEEE Annual Election ends on 3 October. The IEEE Young Professionals committee encourages all IEEE members to familiarize themselves with the proposed IEEE Constitutional amendment put forward by the IEEE Board of Directors.

If approved, the changes would modernize and refine the Constitution, allowing the IEEE to remain relevant by enabling faster decision-making through a more diverse and nimble governance structure, where the needs of Young Professional members could be better represented. The amended Constitution would allow Young Professional members from all ten IEEE Regions to have a substantial influence on the organization.

The IEEE's current organizational structure has been in place since the 1960s, before the invention of the Internet, and the time has come for the organization to innovate internally in order to continue to serve as the world's leading technical professional association.

The IEEE Young Professionals committee further encourages the IEEE to share more information about the proposed changes with all IEEE members, and clearly explain how the changes would affect the future of the organization. We encourage all Young Professional members to exercise their right to vote on this important amendment in the upcoming IEEE election.

Click here to vote in 2016 IEEE Annual Election

IEEE Spectrum Highlight: A Ride In Ford's Self-Driving Car

  Ford is designing a car that will do it all, all at once — a kind of technological Great Leap Forward from today’s cars — with their advanced driver assistance technologies. Taking the human out of the loop means taking away the safety net that today’s most advanced cars all require. The car and non-car companies are competing, not just to lead in technology, but also to be perceived as leading. Find out more about the Ford's self-driving technology using lidar, ultrasound, and GPS sensors in this IEEE Spectrum article.

IEEE N3XT™ global entrepreneurship summit in Toronto next weekend

  Last week, we kicked off round one with IEEE N3XT™ Austin. Now we're ready to do it again in Toronto, Canada. Come join IEEE's technical entrepreneur community at IEEE N3XT™ Toronto 2016 on Saturday 1 October as we bring together founders, venture capitalists, and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark. Use the 2-for-1 promo code 241N3XT to bring a friend or colleague for free when you register.

Technology and Innovation for a Brighter Future: IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress Sarajevo 2016

  Through a variety of technical and non-technical workshops, industry tours, industry lectures from global experts, and social events, students and young professionals will create new contacts, erase ethnic boundaries and develop collaborative relationships with industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world. Join us in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 1-4 December 2016 as we introduce the first-ever Bosnia and Herzegovina IEEE Student and Young Professionals Congress.

IMPACT Blog Highlight: Innovation and Future Jobs

  In this month's IMPACT blog highlight, we present a special video with Professor Goran Roos, who describes why the "service economy" as a savior is a dangerous myth. While there is increased demand for individuals with domain-specific skills, creative problem solving capability, and interpersonal skills, many jobs will be lost or substituted as a result of processing power, access to data, and algorithms for data processing. Watch the video to learn how to stay relevant in today's changing economy.

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30 September - 1 October

Workshop Topics Include: Systems Engineering, Managing Your Career as a Business, Cyber Security, Technologies for 5G, IoT
* Live streaming available

Birmingham, England, UK
21 October - 22 October

Workshop Topics Include: Li-Fi, Robotics, ARM Architecture, CPU/GPU Systems, Professional and Business Development, Software Defined Radio

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IEEE N3XT Entrepreneurship Summit
1 October 2016,
Toronto, Canada

15-17 November 2016, Medellin, Colombia

22 November 2016, Singapore

5 December 2016,
Washington, D.C.

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