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    February, 9 2022, Robert Sacks

    ✅ Are you jazzed about networking with the people who created the ground-breaking technologies that we all rely on today – like Vint Cerf, Marty Cooper, Len Kleinrock, Brad Parkinson and others?

    ✅ Do you want to be part of a peer group of the most promising networking and communications engineers in the world?

    ✅Does the credibility that comes with international recognition for your best work sound like something that would help your career?

    If so, read on!

    The Marconi Society is a foundation dedicated to advancements in the Internet and communications that benefit humankind. Each year, the Marconi Society select a small group of Paul Baran Young Scholars from a competitive set of nominations. Nominations for the 2018 Young Scholars are accepting through from February 1 through June 30, 2018.

    Being honored as a Young Scholar is often an early step in continued recognition in the field.  Marconi Society Young Scholars are named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. They are recognized as Global Young Leaders by the World Economic Forum. They receive additional IEEE awards such as the Outstanding Young Professional Award. In each case, they say that becoming a Marconi Society Young Scholar helped them stand out among highly credible contenders.

    Marconi Society Young Scholars work in the industry, in academia and are entrepreneurs leading highly innovative companies. In addition, Young Scholars are mentored by and network with the Marconi Fellows, engineering leaders who developed the Internet, wireless, GPS, digital video, and network security, to name just a few key technologies.

    The Young Scholars are committed to positive social impact and created the Celestini Program to directly support and mentor engineering students in developing countries. By teaming with students to solve problems that are important on a local level, the Young Scholars have supported applications to improve the health of expectant moms in Uganda and to reduce pedestrian traffic deaths in Delhi. New projects start each year.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you or a researcher you know, here are the details:

    The Marconi Society look for nominations of creative and entrepreneurial researchers who show the potential to make extraordinary contributions to the field of information and communications science.

    Candidates must be nominated, typically by a professor or research advisor.

    In addition to rewarding relationships with the best in the field, awardees receive a $4,000 cash prize and travel expenses to attend the annual Marconi Society Symposium and award recognition dinner which is to be held this year in Bologna, Italy.

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    If you’re not sold yet, here’s what some of the Young Scholars have to say:

    “I am humbled and honored to be chosen for the Young Scholar Award. It is easier to be known in your own area, but the fact that the award helps my work translate to broader audiences in the communications arena makes me very proud. It gives me assurance that I’m moving in the right direction.” – Negar Reiskarimian, 2017 Young Scholar, PhD Candidate at Columbia University

    “I found the award indispensable in establishing myself and making connections. The publicity generated from the award provided a platform to share my research and form potential collaborations.” – Joe Lukens, 2015 Young Scholar, Wigner Fellow at Oakridge National Laboratory

    “ Being a Young Scholar has given me a broad perspective on how one should do their research, taking more risk and focusing on a longer timeframe. The Marconi Fellows took huge risks in their careers, which clearly paid off.” – Rafael Laufer, 2008 Young Scholar, Quantitative Software Engineer at Two Sigma

    For further inquiries, write to, info@marconisociety.org.

    The Marconi Society seeks a diverse and innovative set of nominees.  If you like what you see, make sure that your nomination is in by June 30, 2018. Good Luck!

    Article contributed by the Marconi Society