• YP Leadership WikiYP Leadership Wiki

    YP Leadership Wiki

    Plug into one of the most powerful networks within IEEE.This wiki incorporates suggestions from the Society/Council YP reps, Technical Activities Staff and Young Professionals Committee Members.

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  • YP Volunteers DirectoryYP Volunteers Directory

    YP Volunteers Directory

    Make great connections with IEEE Volunteers from your home country and around the world.

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  • YP Executive CommitteYP Executive Committe

    YP Executive Committe

    The executive team works closely with its volunteer representatives in each of the 10 IEEE Regions and over 30 IEEE Technical Societies to ensure that the quality of the program worldwide is consistent among local IEEE Young Professional Affinity Groups, IEEE Regions, and IEEE Technical Societies.

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Recent Updates

  • Training Neural Networks with Limited and Unlabeled Dataset

    Article by Zhuowei Wang, IEEE Young Professional Artificial intelligence refers to computer programs, or algorithms, that use data to make decisions or predictions. To build an algorithm, scientists might create a set of rules, or instructions, for the computer to follow so it can analyze data an

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  • Opensource Tools for Scientific Computation

    Article by Arjun Shetty, Senior Editor at IMPACT Blog What is open source? Open source is software that is available for anyone to see, modify and redistribute the code. Open source is usually distributed with its source code and the users are free to modify the code, create their own flavours of t

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

    Article by Noor E Karishma Shaik, Editor-in-Chief at IMPACT Blog World Cancer Day is an annual global initiative held every 4 February that raises awareness of the disease, improves education, and coordinates individual, collective, and governmental action. Cancer is a leading cause of morbidity

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  • Stock photo of Students pointing at laptop screen while working on engineering project

    Call for Nominations – PES Outstanding Student Scholarships for 2023

    Nominations for IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Outstanding Student Student Scholarship applications are due in less than a week's time on 31 January 2023. IEEE PES Student Members at a Masters-level are invited to apply for the opportunity to receive this US$10,000 scholarship. PES aims t

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