• IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Industry Forum

    IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Industry Forum Panel
    February, 10 2022, Robert Sacks

    Come join TEMS and IEEE Young Professionals for the inaugural IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) Industry Forum on June 9th in Sunny Santa Clara. We’re bringing together some amazing thought leaders in engineering leadership to help you better understand the challenges involved in technology management. You don’t need to be a manager or leader to enjoy this forum – it is going to be a real eye opener! The end of the day includes a panel on different career paths for technology leaders and a reception to network with fellow professionals and speakers.

    Our exciting panels include:

    The Challenges of Startups: Products, Funding, Venture Capital and Angels

    Entrepreneurs and start-up organizations have a unique series of leadership and management challenges. While excellent products and services are being created to serve a dynamic market, hiring, retaining and motivating technical staff poses special challenges. Start-ups depend on VC’s for both funding and the business acumen that they need to assure their success. This panel will explore the challenges leaders of start-ups have faced and the management resources VC’s provide.


    Managing at the Forefront of Technology

    Innovation and encouraging product disruption enable organizations to thrive in a technically dynamic environment. Mature organizations and large companies must foster an intrapreneurial culture to maintain a competitive edge and product vitality. This panel will focus on the challenges and motivations involved in managing emerging technologies within a larger company.

    A Young Professionals’ Guide to Managing High Tech

    What is involved in managing the development of technology and people in a highly charged environment? This panel will explore the dynamic roles managers play in day-to-day operations, challenges related to working with geographically and culturally diverse teams, and product commercialization.

    For details on the Industry Forum and the TEMSCON Conference details see: www.temscon.org/industry-forum

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    Special Note: Industry Forum attendees are invited to join any other talks (food and drink not included) that happen during TEMSCON on any day. They are also welcome to join the global TEMS planning meeting if they are interested in getting more involved. Details of these meetings will follow here.

    Young Professionals are invited to attend this exciting all day forum, but are also welcome to attend our final panel and networking reception for a discounted price! Special tickets for attending A Young Professionals’ Guide to Managing High Tech and Reception are $15, and available on a first come, first served basis. See our ticket link for details.