• Pacific North West Young Professionals Gathering

    Downtown Bellevue Skyline
    February, 10 2022, Robert Sacks

    An exciting 1-day conference & meetup for IEEE Young Professionals & Students in Seattle, Vancouver BC, and Portland. On Saturday July 22nd 2017, over 50 YPs will meet in Bellevue, WA at the Red Lion hotel to network, socialize, discuss workplace issues, and use effectively use IEEE to further career development and personal endeavors

    SEATTLE (13 May 2017) – New Orleans, Louisiana is an unlikely place where Young Professional leaders in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC would congregate. Thanks to the IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum, Abdur Rehman (Seattle), Anna Revolinsky (Portland), and Sean Garrity (Vancouver) met for the first time while riding a bus to a local event. Upon meeting, they devised a brilliant plan for a cross-section event targeting Young Professionals in the Pacific Northwest … and the rest is history.

    Abdur, Anna, and Sean are YP section chairs and they are working professionals as well. They have endured the corporate grind as an engineer-in-training, associate project manager, and work-horse in their own respective professions. They understand the needs and desires of local young professionals and as such, they share a common vision of how IEEE Young Professional affinity groups can energize and impact Young Professionals in their community.

    The 2017 PNW Young Professional conference helps IEEE YPs and Students grow their network and discuss workplace issues while learning about IEEE and leveraging IEEE related resources. The first ever PNW conference will be held in Seattle on July 22nd 2017 at the Red Lion hotel in Bellevue.This conference will rotate annually between Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland and it’s an excellent opportunity for IEEE YP members.

    Although it may be true that Young Professionals today are seeking leadership and entrepreneurship skills especially as the trends for freelancing grow, many student graduates and current YPs remain working for small and large companies and corporations. Young Professional careers are often driven by workplace skills as well as personal and professional relationships and ss such, they desire skills like negotiations, internal and external networking, project management, and managing their co-workers and even supervisors.

    The conference is organized by YPs for YPs and it adds value to YP members by showing how they can leverage existing IEEE resources and engage in workplace related discussion topics. This conference expands borders for PNW Young Professionals and Inspires, Enable, Empower, and Engages them. This occurs by providing IEEE specific training, present discussion topics relevant and valuable to working Young Professionals, creating a culture of camaraderie through social activities and networking, and deploy YPs so they can be more active and engaged in their workplace and communities.The vision of this conference is to be the global leaders for IEEE YP activities.

    IEEE Members who identify themselves as Young Professionals or Students in Vancouver, Seattle, and Oregon Section should attend this conference. YPs in different regions are welcome to attend.

    The  2017 PNW Young Professional conference is sponsored by IEEE Region 6, IEEE Seattle Section, Oregon Section, and Vancouver BC Section.