• Do You Have To Face An Interview Online From Home?; Here is a Checklist For You!

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    February, 22 2022, Robert Sacks

    Most of the organizations have moved to virtual interviews with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

    In this article, you can find a checklist to make it ease your virtual interview experience.


    1.Get familiar with the video conferencing tool

    Set up the video conferencing tool that you have to use for your interview in your computer and make yourself familiar with it if you haven’t used the tool before.

    Pro tip: It is always better to use a computer than your mobile phone.

    2. Test audio/ video in your computer

    Check the audio and camera on your computer and in the application that you have to use.

    IMPORTANT: Assume your video is not working and the company gave you instructions to be ready for a video call, immediately inform the company before the interview time.

    3. Choose a good spot

    Choose a spot with minimal disturbances(ex: vehicle noise, TV, animals) and good lighting to face the interview. Your comfy locations such as bed, floor and couch are not professional for an interview and make sure in your selected spot you can sit in front of the computer and face the interview.

    If you are using your room, make sure to clean your desk and the space that will be visible to the computer screen.

    Pro tip — Most of the video conferencing tools allow you to set up a virtual background. You can check that as well. (Zoom virtual background, Microsoft Teams background images, Skype background effect)

    4. Do a test run

    Do a test run with a friend or family member to ensure (1), (2) and (3).

    5. Check your internet connection

    Make sure that you will have a working internet connection for the interview.

    IMPORTANT: If possible try to keep an alternative connection as well.

    6. Arrange some stationary

    Keep some A4 sheets and a pen with you in case you get to do some rough work to answer certain questions.

    7. Keep a copy of your CV in an accessible place

    Take a print out of your CV or save it in a place in your computer where you can easily access it in case it is required to look into what you have mentioned in the CV.

    8. Be prepared, practice

    Do the pre preparations same as you would do to an in-person interview such as practicing elevator pitch, looking into relevant theory and researching about company background — to name a few.


    9. Dress appropriately

    Dress as same as you would do for an in-person interview although you are connecting from home.

    10. Inform people living with you

    Inform others living with you that you are facing an interview, therefore, to keep the noise to a minimal level and not to disturb you till you are done with the interview.

    11. Silent your phone

    Put your phone to silent mode but keep it with you.

    12. Mute all notifications and close other applications in your computer

    Make sure you mute notifications, close applications and browser tabs to avoid any disturbances coming from your computer.

    13. Log in before the given time slot

    Log in to the meeting 10 minutes prior to the interview slot.


    14. Keep eye contact

    Make sure you make eye contact with the interviewer (look at the camera), not the part where you can see your own image. There is a high chance that you will make this mistake if you aren’t familiar with video conferencing through a computer.

    Pro tip — Do practice interviews with a friend. You can record and watch to improve yourself.

    15. Try to be remembered

    The interviewer might be doing several online interviews for the same position.

    Show your confidence, listen well, speak slowly and clearly, ask questions, keep a smile on your face and be highlighted to have a high chance of getting selected.

    Good luck with your interview! ????

    Article by Dinuka Jayaweera, Editor-In-Chief for IMPACT by IEEE Young Professionals (Original article can be found here: https://medium.com/@DinukaTharangi/do-you-have-to-face-an-interview-online-from-home-here-is-my-checklist-for-you-ada05461b094)

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