• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Webinar Series by Young Professionals Philippines

    Zoom screen from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Webinar Series by Young Professionals Philippines
    February, 27 2022, Robert Sacks

    In its commitment to be an active catalyst of continual education and skills development, IEEE Young Professionals(YP) Philippines Affinity Group together with IEEE Republic of Philippines Section, conducted a webinar series about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on September 12 and 19, 2020 via Zoom platform. The two-day event received an overwhelming number of participants with over 100 attendees per session coming from different universities, enterprises, and government agencies. The webinar was moderated by Christian Enoval, the current Chair of IEEE YP Philippines.

    The event aimed to introduce the different applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the participants. The first webinar of the series highlighted the ‘Role of Machine Learning in Smart Manufacturing’. Dr. Renann G. Baldovino, IEEE YP Philippines Treasurer and currently an Associate Professor from De La Salle University, delivered the webinar. He elaborated the benefits of machine learning to the manufacturing industry and the importance of adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) applications to automate processes. He focused his discussion on some machine learning applications in manufacturing like cobot, IoT predictive analytics and smart vision. Dr. Baldivino also reflected on his collaborative projects with research institutions in Taiwan and Canada.

    On September 19, the second webinar followed with an emphasis on the ‘Role of Artificial Intelligence in Traffic Management’ with another speaker, Rhen Anjerome Bedruz, the current IEEE Republic of Philippines Section YP Coordinator. In his session, he discussed traffic in general, particularized the current state in the Philippines, and determined the main causes and existing solutions being implemented, and how to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve traffic management problems. Aside from enforcing different traffic laws, incorporating artificial intelligence could be a practical solution to help reduce traffic congestion by implementing intelligent transport systems. To explain the topic, Bedruz shared one of the recent projects he has been involved in, entitled STARPLAN project. The Sustainable Technology-Assisted Route Planning (STARPLAN) aimed to develop technologies such as the bus passenger counter and its communications system to transmit data, the android application for tracking land and sea-based public transport by commuters, the PUV scheduling tool, and the infrastructure assessment tool.

    It was another successful event organized and conducted by IEEE Young Professionals Philippines!

    Article contributed by Christian Enoval, Chair, IEEE Young Professionals Philippines