• Inspecting the Panama Metro Rail

    IEEE Young Professionals on tracks in front a train at Panama Metro Train
    April, 11 2022, Robert Sacks

    The weekend’s Metro Panama was visited by representatives of the IEEE Young Professionals Panama, who had the opportunity to tour the facility and learn in detail about the operation of Line 1.

    Command Intermediate Agustin Ramirez from the Operations Department provided IEEE members with insight into entire line operation. Augustin explained the work inside the Control Center Operations (CCO) and what it takes to keep the line running throughout the entire day of operation.

    After having a clearer concept of all the work that a group of professionals performs in the CCO, the visitors went to the area Patios and workshops, the Mechanical Repair Light (TML) to see where the train fleet arrives once to receive regular maintenance in the early morning hours.

    IEEE members were able to also observe the inside of one train and examine the composition of the cockpit to the mechanical systems.

    “It was a great experience,” said electromechanical engineer Fotis Stringos, chair of the IEEE Young Professionals – Panama. The IEEE members were very pleased with all the information that was provided. The Panama Metro Line 1 provides services daily to some 240 thousand people.

    Article and Photos credited to Erika Quiñones from Metro Panama