• Mechatronics Summer School in East Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Young Professionals working at Mechatronics Summer School in East Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
    April, 11 2022, Robert Sacks

    Last year we reported on the activities of the Young Professionals in the small European country of Bosnia & Herzegovina. In 2016 we follow this up with another exciting initiative conducted by the Young Professionals in Collaboration with the University of East Sarajevo.

    The Young Professionals group was involved in organising the 4th annual summer school focused on “Modern Mechatronic Systems”. To date this summer school has been attended by approximately 100 students from 11 Universities in Bosnia and neighbouring countries. It is an exciting initiative that allows students to to spend an entire week learning how to operate Mitsubishi robotic arms, FESTO automation systems that utilise Siemens PLC units.

    One of the key goals of the University of East Sarajevo summer school is to ensure that students and Young Professionals in Bosnia & Herzegovina and the region to gain knowledge and practice using state of the art mechatronic systems. The laboratory in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo is one of a kind in Bosnia and is thus very attractive to all participants.

    The summer school also hosted a presentation and discussion on the IEEE and the benefits of being a member. Prof. Dusanka Boskovic from the University of Sarajevo, who serves as the IEEE Region 8 Vice-Chair for Member Activities, presented an overview of the IEEE while IEEE Young Professional member Alemdin Kavaz spoke about why it is exciting to be a member of IEEE.

    Article contributed by Dr. Dejan Jokic, University of East Sarajevo

    About Dejan

    Dr. Dejan Jokic is the founder of the University of East Sarajevo annual summer school which he has collaborated with colleagues Prof. Slobodan Lubara and Ms. Milica Ristovic.

    Dejan attained his PhD from the University of East Sarajevo on the topic of mechatronic systems. His research and passion is automation, robotics and mechatronic systems. He
    specialises in the design of FPGA programmable logic control of robotics. Furthermore, Dejan is a member of the program committee for the IFAC/IEEE Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems) 2016 conference. E: (dejan.jokic@etf.unssa.rs.ba)