• Spotlight on Consumer Electronics Young Professionals

    CEsoc Group Photo of members waving
    April, 11 2022, Robert Sacks

    Assistant Editor Sarang Shaikh speaks to the Consumer Electronics Young Professional Chair Abdullah S. Almuttiri.

    Abdullah has dedicated some of his time to actively serve in several IEEE positions and roles, including being the Consumer Electronics Society (CESoc) Young Professionals Committee Chair, IEEE Student Branch President at De Montfort University, Member of IEEE Global Young Professionals Committee, Member of International Affair Committee at CESoc. Abdullah has participated in organizing several IEEE activities within UK&I section and held other IEEE roles within and outside CESoc.

    The Consumer Electronics Society strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of Electronic Engineering and of the allied arts and sciences with respect to the field of Consumer Electronics and the maintenance of a high professional standing among its members. The society takes the development and voice of its Students and Young Professionals members seriously by dedicating a committee sitting in the Board of Governors to hear their voice and act on it. The committee dedicates time-slots in the society’s conferences, including the flagship conference, for workshops, seminars and social events dedicated solely for Young Professionals. There are also more benefits of our members including the free use of mentorship program where experts are the mentors who guide the mentees through their professional development, issues and/or career transition. The IEEE mentor Center is a global platform that offers mentors and mentees a bundle of resources including, managing tasks, finding mentors, finding mentees and much more. This resource is free for all tiers of IEEE members and can be accessed othrough the following link http://mentoring.ieee.org/ementor/?_ga=1.264031820.1786202764.1465086941 .

    The CESoc has sister societies and community partners that are featured with technical tracks and panels in the society’s flagship conference including Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Biometrics Council, Council of RFID, Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES), Reliability Society (Rel.Soc), Soc. for Social Implications of Technology (SSIT), Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMC) and Life Sciences Technical Community (LSTC). ICCE Las Vegas is the flagship conference of the CESoc that happens every January and exclusively co-located with the biggest Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the next one is coming in 8-10 January 2017 and for more details see http://www.icce.org/. Join the society and you will experience more benefits including reduced rate of registration and conferences and events.

    Currently we are working on developing the sponsorship program where we gather a list of willing companies, businesses or organizations and their contact details to ease the search whenever a new activity is planned. We are also working on developing a competition to encourage entrepreneurship amongst our young members. We are happy to hear from IEEE global members of ideas and past experience on similar issues. You can contact the Abdullah on a.s.a@ieee.org.

    About Abdullah

    Abdullah received his BEng in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Amman University, Jordan in 2008. He completed his MSc in Communications Engineering in De Montfort University, UK in 2011. He recently completed his PhD from the Centre for Electronics and Communications Engineering in School of Engineering and Technology at De Montfort University, UK. He has been a lecturer at his university since 2013. His research interest lie in wireless and mobile communications, telecommunications and digital image and signal processing.