• Spotlight on Young Professionals Colombia

    Man speaking in front of Colombian IEEE Young Professionals
    April, 11 2022, Robert Sacks

    Colombia, situated in the north-western region of South America, is home to the Colombian Young Professionals Affinity Group. This affinity group, established in 1996, boasts the second highest number of Young Professionals within Region 9.

    Since the creation of the Young Professionals Affinity Group, the group has been working with several initiatives that have helped the group to increase the young professional number, concurrently offering many differing effective tools to its members.

    The strategic plan is supported in three modules. Firstly, a closer relationship with industry through technical journeys and events. Secondly, activities that increase innovative and creative thinking. Finally, the development of trainings that have been focused at broadening the interpersonal skills of the Young Professionals.

    The aim of this article is to introduce you to the main strategies for Young Professionals of the Colombia Section.

    Technical journeys: A closer look at Internet of Things and Nano – Micro Technologies.

    The main idea with the “technical journeys” was to establish strategic industry partnerships and to showcase many international top subjects; including, “The Internet of Things and Nano – Micro technologies”.

    The first technical journey was in conducted in May 2016. The journey partnered with Colsein, a multi-disciplined company offering many technological solutions around the world. The purpose of the meetings were to carry out a technical visit, and to determine an approach to industrial equipment development to become part of new technological trends in “Internet of Things”.

    The Nano and Micro technologies technical journey had one purpose; to promote and generate opportunities for training, research, and technological development in the area of nanoscience. It was also a really good opportunity to establish connections with researchers and IEEE members from various backgrounds, all contributing different ideas and experiences. The subject group partnered with the Electronic Devices Society Colombia Section.

    Colombia Young Professional Entrepreneurship

    The belief in the “power of the ideas” for Young Professionals has been a driving motivation for the Affinity Group over the last few years. As such, there has been a committed effort at strengthening the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in IEEE Colombia and building a culture around these issues. This has been undertake in order to reduce barriers and promote a suitable environment for ideas and development.

    Personal skills development

    Various seminars in which have helped the Young Professionals to set goals and reach their full potential have also been conducted over the last year. Some key concepts and learning areas explored in the seminars have included time organization, the production of a personal CV, presentation skills and many other interpersonal skill development sessions.

    STEP Program

    This program recognizes the new Young professionals of the Colombian Section. Colombian students received a complete day of training in several areas, such as personal skills amongst many others.

    What is next?

    Two distinct projects will shape the Group’s forthcoming months. The first being the “Technology Bootcamp in Internet of Things” whilst the second, “Summit Young Professionals Region 09” will be an action item for progression.

    The purpose of first technology bootcamp is to bring together Young Professionals members from Colombia into an innovative space where they will have the opportunity to learn about new technologies related to Internet of Things (IoT), share and collaborate with others IEEE members and certify their own knowledge.

    The technology Bootcamp will promote the overall growth of professional leaders among the Colombian Section, giving them the opportunity to enhance their abilities in several areas, such as Internet of Things (IoT), green energy and interconnection workshops. This will thereby link the Young Professionals to new international technologies and industries.

    Summit Young Professionals of Region 09 will promote the overall growth of professional leaders among the Region 9, giving them the opportunity to enhance their abilities in several areas, such hard and soft skills training, entrepreneurial workshops. Forums linking the Young Professionals to bring back solutions for humanitarian issues worldwide through the use of technology will also be a focus of the summit. For this activity, a partnerships with Industry Applications Society, Power & Energy Society, Computer Society and Communications Society have been arranged. The Summit is set to take place in Medellin, Colombia on November 17 – 19.

    Article contributed by Jennifer Zapata Giraldo, Chair – Young Professionals Colombia

    Article edited by Michael Gough, Assistant Editor – IMPACT by IEEE Young Professionals