• Beating unemployment with entrepreneurship in Cyprus

    April, 12 2022, Robert Sacks

    Despite the challenging economic climate in Cyprus, the recent “Learn Startup” event proved that young Cypriots are willing and able to build their future through entrepreneurship activities. During the event, three young entrepreneurs presented their experiences of creating business and technology innovation, providing practical advice to an active audience. Also, the CEOs of three business incubators gave examples of many successful companies which have been incubated in Cyprus and have attained international scope. They described the steps from the conception of an idea to building a proper team and gathering funding for implementation. The event was also attended by a representative of the local authorities, who announced the launch of a public consultation on the future co-funded Entrepreneurial Innovation Programs. The event was attended by over sixty people. In addition to the motivating and enthusiastic speeches, attendees were given an opportunity to network with each other and the speakers during the reception that followed. The event was organized by the IEEE Cyprus GOLD AG with the sponsorship of the IEEE GOLD STEP program and the IEEE Cyprus Section, and the support of the Association of PhD Candidates of Cyprus and KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks.

    Article contributed by Dr. Antonis M. Hadjiantonis, IEEE Cyprus Section Member