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    Monster.com Job Screen
    April, 12 2022, Robert Sacks

    You have your necessary engineering tertiary qualification; check!

    You are a member of various engineering related organisations; check!

    You are actively partaking in numerous co-curricular activities; check!

    ……. however you are struggling to ‘land’ that first job, relevant work experience and job ready skills.

    This is the problem facing many current graduates from all over the world. I was not immune to what seems to be a common scenario in the industry today. I graduated from a leading university in Melbourne, Australia with an engineering degree, majoring in civil engineering. Although the construction and design industry has been vibrant over the last few years, I always found it difficult to obtain the exact skill employers apparently require; that being “experience”.

    Every summer during my university vacation throughout my degree, I would try to arrange some form of relevant work experience while away from my studies. The work ranged from obtaining formal roles with local councils to enrolling in appropriate software CAD classes (for upskilling), in my spare time. Basically, I made it my mission to ensure that no employer at any interview could suggest that I supposedly “did not have enough experience”. While it is not entirely imperative that the work experience be in your exact field of study, I believe that it is important that all upcoming graduates attempt to immerse themselves in areas and experiences that allow for opportunities to build upon their transferable leadership, teamwork and self-responsibility skills.

    University specific job sites and job boards are often a very good resource to use in order to find relevant opportunities for experience. Generic job sites often are ill-equipped to cater for the requirements often facing newly graduated and current engineering students. The following list highlights a few engineering specific job sites from around the world that should be visited by engineers, graduates, students and employers alike.

    Monster – monster.com
    While not exclusive to showcasing engineering jobs, this job site should be visited by job seekers and those looking for experience. Region dependant, this site provides extra services such as resume guidance and help, together with career resources and insightful interview technique tips.

    Monster.com Job Screen

    Engineering & Technology Jobs – engineering-jobs.theiet.org
    Hosted by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, this site allows prospective employees to search for available positions based on the engineering and technology disciplines. The site is based in the United Kingdom, with the jobs primarily focussed toward this region. The site also allows for job seekers to connect with recruiters in the area who have an intimate knowledge of the specific working landscape.

    EngineerJobs – engineerjobs.com
    EngineerJobs is one of the leading engineering job sites visited in the world. Attracting nearly 400,000 monthly visitors to the site, its users can filter search results based on a combination of criteria including engineering discipline and home city. There are approximately 300,000 jobs advertised on this site at any one time. This site is a great place for all prospective seekers from North America to begin their search. EngineerJobs also allows applicants to upload a copy of their resume for easy access from any potential recruiters.

    EngineeringJobs – engineeringjobs.net.au
    Hosted by Webjobz, this website performs a search on available engineering specific job availabilities across Australia. The search function allows a search by job title, location and even company name. Although this site slightly favours the mechanical engineering discipline, the search results often provide a diverse mix of available jobs, with varying entry requirements.

    EuroEngineeringJobs – euroengineeringjobs.com
    EuroEngineeringJobs, as the name suggests, caters to prospective job searchers looking for roles in predominantly Europe. The built-in search function allows for job advertisements to be filtered by country or job field. In addition, job advertisements can be further sorted by the level of experience required; namely 0-2 years’ experience, 3-4 years’ experience, 5+ years’ experience and at the manager and executive level. An applicant’s CV and resume can also be uploaded into the job website and a job alert is provided when matched with criteria set by the user.

    Engineering – engineering.com
    Engineering.com (don’t you love the name?) provides a search portal for various job listings, predominately located in the United States, Canada and even the United Arab Emirates. Focussing mainly on automotive and aerospace engineering, this job site sorts the job advertisements based on discipline. In addition, job seekers can access valuable resources on career tips and industry information.

    IEEE Job Site: – careers.ieee.org
    The IEEE Job site provides access to a searchable database of jobs available in the electrical, electronic, engineering, computing and other IEEE related fields. The site also provides updates to the many upcoming career fairs and provides a dedicated job seeker tool to assist in building a proficient resume and CV. Internship and entry level jobs are separated on the site, allowing for more appropriate results to be displayed.

    Tech Careers: – techcareers.com
    While not as widely known as some of the other tech industry job sites online, TechCareers.com offers nearly 200,000 tech and engineering jobs, as well as the ability to create your own career portfolio to attract interested businesses and recruiters.

    Electrical Engineer: – electricalengineer.com
    Plenty of great job opportunities for those interested in electrical engineering. This site contains electronic and electrical engineering jobs ranging from microcontroller engineering, power distribution engineering to project management.

    Indeed – PhD Jobs: – indeed.com/q-PhD-Engineering-jobs.html
    To finish off our list, a PhD related job site called Indeed. It can be very frustrating for graduate school students to find that ideal job so rest assured we did not forget you.

    Article contributed by Michael Gough, Assistant Editor, IEEE IMPACT

    Article edited by Tim Wong, Senior Assistant Editor, IEEE IMPACT and Dr. Eddie Custovic, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE IMPACT

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