• IEEE Honours Ceremony with Young Professionals

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    April, 12 2022, Robert Sacks

    The IEEE Young Professionals were present at the 2016 IEEE Honours Ceremony held at Gotham Hall, New York on 18th June.

    IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional association, honors the top minds in technology at its annual IEEE Honors Ceremony. The Honors Ceremony is designed to recognize technical professionals in a wide variety of disciplines for exceptional achievements and outstanding contributions that have made a lasting impact on technology, society, and the engineering profession.

    The Young Professionals leadership was invited to the VIP ceremony to interact with awards winners prior to the evening commencement. Mario Milicevic our chair interviewed many of the award winners who provided an insight into their world. It gave Young Professionals an opportunity to network with some of the greatest minds of our time. Upon completion of the official proceedings the Young Professionals hosted a networking event at the second floor of Gotham Hall, overlooking the awards stage. The event was attended by over 100, including IEEE president Barry Shoop, president elect Karen Bartleson, regional directors, awards recipients and most importantly so many Young Professionals from as far as Pennsylvania. We thank you all for making this an amazing evening.

    Young Professionals at IEEE Honors Ceremony
    The IEEE Honors Ceremony is the hallmark of all IEEE events – an evening devoted to recognizing innovators that have shaped the world we live in today. Their contributions in the areas of communications, electronics, and power systems, to name a few, have greatly improved the lives of nearly every single human being on the planet. Without their innovations, we would all still be using 28Kbps Internet modems. IEEE Young Professionals recognizes the importance of celebrating such lifetime achievements, and inspiring our young members to think big, be bold, listen to others, make a difference. Mario Milicevic, Chair, IEEE Young Professionals Committee

    I can’t express how proud and privileged I am to firstly to be part of the IEEE and secondly to take part in the IEEE Honors Ceremony in New York. Every year we recognise the world’s greatest minds. It reminds of me why I became an engineer and problem solver. For a young professional to take part in this ceremony is incredibly inspiring. Eddie Custovic, Vice Chair, IEEE Young Professionals

    Each year the ceremony pushes the envelope. The atmosphere was filled with appreciation and amity. The icing on the cake was what came afterwards. The Young Professionals affinity group hosted a meet up that was well received. I look forward to seeing more Young Professional activity in the Honors ceremony next year in San Francisco. Devon Ryan, IEEE-USA Young Professionals Representative

    A full list of award recipients can be found here

    Watch some video highlights below: