• Podcast: Matthew Trotter, RFID, Football and the Young Professionals

    Matthew Trotter, RFID
    April, 12 2022, Robert Sacks

    Our editor in chief, Eddie Custovic had the pleasure of sharing a meal and chatting to an amazing young professional, Matthew Trotter. At first glance Matthew is an easy going individual who loves football with a big Texan accent. However, we quickly found out that Matthew’s love for football and his interest in RFID technology fused together during his first job at Disney/ESPN. Hear about Matthew’s life journey and the RFID technology which he is so deeply involved with.


    About Matthew:

    Matthew is a native of Texas who studied a Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Texas, Austin. He got his masters and PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology respectively.

    Matthew is a researcher and engineer who has previously worked at Disney. Matthew is now employed in the Georgia Tech research Institute and thrives on analyzing, testing, and evaluating hardware, software, and techniques, tactics, and procedures for electronic warfare (EW). He is also an expert in wireless sensor networks including energy harvesting, wireless backscatter communications, radio-frequency identification (RFID) system deployment, and position/orientation estimation. He holds four US patents and numerous IEEE peer-reviewed scientific publications.rfid2012_04-Wed_058_rs

    Some of Matthew’s project work includes:

    Football Localization: Developed techniques to improve the precision of a location and orientation estimator of an official NCAA football over an official NCAA football field. Techniques included multiple transmitting antennas and frequencies. The resulting performance improved from ~1 meter accuracy to ~30 centimeter precision.Passive Wireless Sensor Impedance
    Estimation: Developed the theoretical technique to estimate the impedance of an unknown load on a passive wireless sensor using reflected communications only – without resorting to a dedicated wireless measuring device.
    Gesture Recognition: Guided research on pairing RFID-enabled toys to video game consoles using machine learning techniques.

    Interview conducted by Eddie Custovic, Editor in Chief, IMPACT by IEEE Young Professionals