• IEEE R9 Meeting 2020

    Group photo from The 9th IEEE R9 Meeting took place in Lima, Peru in March 12-14, 2020
    April, 13 2022, Robert Sacks

    The 9th IEEE R9 Meeting took place in Lima, Peru in March 12-14, 2020. There were more than 80 participants from Latin America, the Caribbean and guests from other IEEE Regions. There were more than 15 Young Professional chairs, each representing their country and Section. In addition, special guests such as Toshio Fukuda – President IEEE and Kukjin Chun – Vice President MGA were also present.

    The Regional Meeting was hosted at the Hilton Miraflores Hotel and is an event that takes place every year in some headquarters of the Region. The participants are the members of the R9 Regional Committee: Section Presidents, Council Presidents, Regular Committee Chairs and Members of the Executive Committee, all with the right to vote in the decisions to be taken. In this meeting, the lines of Region 9 are established for the benefit of all members (students and professionals) and society, which positively impacts the development of the Region, and strengthens the links between the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

    On the first day, the event focused on committee discussions. In the morning, there were 6 committees in parallel simultaneously: New Section Officers Training, Educational Activities Committee, Governance Committee, Technical Activities Committee, Humanitarian Activities Committee and Industry Engagement & Entrepreneurship. In the afternoon, they were other three meetings in simultaneous, ending with a welcome dinner. The 3 committees were: YP Committee, WIE Committee and an Operations Committee Meeting with the directors & Societies.

    The IEEE YP Meeting had the following agenda: i) Analysis of the IEEE YP R9 Work Plan; ii) Discussion of new ideas; iii) Workshop: Organization of impact events; iv) Workshop: IEEE and YP Funds.

    The second day focused on lectures on various topics in the morning followed by a tour through Lima. The third day focused on board meetings, ending with the gala dinner and awards. IEEE President, Toshio Fukuda and MGA Vice President, Kukjin Chun participated, contributed and listened to every session and R9 representatives present in the meeting. Several ideas were recorded on how to improve Young Professionals members.

    The conference was very productive and lively. Certainly, all problems, including with COVID-19, were very well overcome by the excellent organization of IEEE volunteers in Lima, Peru. Next year, we will create another sensational meeting with many ideas and surprises.

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    Article contributed by Filipe Emídio Tôrres, Chair of IEEE Young Professional Centro-Norte Brasil Section.