• Successful STEPs in the Argentina Section

    April, 13 2022, Robert Sacks

    STEP is an acronyms for Student Transition & Elevation Partnership, a program developed by IEEE to facilitate the transition from student member to young professionals by introducing opportunities and benefits of IEEE membership at the start of the career.

    The program has been developed with great success in many Regions and for the third time has been carried out at Argentina. At this time, the event was carried out at two cities: Tucumán and Córdoba. The objective pursued with a decentralized STEP is to spread GOLD activities beyond the city of GOLD Coordinator’s residence, as well as develop activities in other cities that have a strong presence of GOLD members.

    The first STEP event was developed al Tucuman on Saturday 15th, December. Participants included 14 attendees, between them were Milton Marché, GOLD-Ar AG president, Juan Vera, GOLD-Ar AG Secretary, and others authorities from IEEE UNT Student Brach.

    This STEP event was coordinated by Milton Marché, attending Eng. Sergio Nuñez and Ismael Chaile as lecturer invited. During the event, STEP programs was presented to all attendees and was recognized with an award one of the most active volunteers from IEEE UNT SB, Ricardo Bazán, past president of the Student Branch. Finally attendees were invited to continue working as volunteers at IEEE, promoting the organization of joint activities between Student Branches and GOLD-Ar AG.

    The second STEP was carried out at Córdoba, on Thursday 20th, December. The event was attended by more than 20 IEEE members, of which 15 have GOLD members. The event was attendeed by Eng. Ricardo Taborda, Argentina Section president, Eng. Miguel Piumetto, Córdoba Subsection president, and other authorities, current and past, from Cordoba Subsection. Representing GOLD-Ar AG attended Eng. Augusto Herrera, GOLD Argentina Secretary, and more than 14 students members (near tu graduate) and GOLD members (mostly GSM) living at Cordoba’s city. The event was held at Cordoba Specialist Engineering College (CIEC – Colegio de Ingenieros Especialistas de Córdoba) and also had the participation of Eng. Luis Calderon and Eng. Carmen Rodriguez (IEEE member), president and vicepresident of the College, respectively.

    Eng. Augusto Herrera, representing GOLD-Ar AG, was responsible for the formal inauguration of the STEP, where he thanked all attendees for their participation. Then, he explained about STEP program and theirs main goals, inviting all student members and graduates students members to continue actively involved in the development of IEEE professional activities after graduation, maintaining active relationship with the GOLD´s officers, Section and Branches in cities which they were volunteers. During the event also were presented to all attendees, GOLD activities developed during 2012, urged them to remain actively involved in GOLD activities next year (2013). Finally there was also time for a formal dinner and a toast to celebrate New Year’s, followed by awards and recognition to all members who worked during 2012 on Cordoba Subsection and GOLD activities.

    Article contributed by Augusto Herrera, IEEE GOLD Region 9