• Uganda: Community Projects for Economic Growth

    April, 13 2022, Robert Sacks

    Today we are highlighting some very exciting Young Professional activity in Uganda with Mr. Ezabo Baron who has been driving the Engineering Projects in Community Service program (EPICS).

    Can you please briefly describe the IEEE community in Uganda?

    The IEEE Uganda Subsection was formed in 2013. In the last 2 years the section has worked closely with the IEEE Kenya Section. As engineers we had to realize that we have big roles to play in our community development. We needed to get our people involved as a way of addressing the needs of the society. There was also a need for us to unite our engineers and to take part in standards development for our country’s engineering products.

    We have over 40 active members abd are continuously working to recruit more. Our members meet at the beginning of each year to set activity strategies. We are actively engaging them in the Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) and Engineering Projects in Community Service program (EPICS). Some of our student members have participated in the Mobile Application Development Contests (MadC). A large portion of our effort is in raising IEEE awareness in universities, government bodies, schools and industry.

    The IEEE culture in Uganda is alive. From our observations, a vast proportion of the professional community is aware of the IEEE and our subsection has been able to help them learn more about its benefits and how working with the IEEE can be beneficial. We are yet to form student branches, the effort is to recruit more students in major academic institutions and help them establish their own branches. This is amongst the top priorities.

    IEEE Members at the TISP Training, Nairobi 2014
    Tell us about your personal IEEE journey and what has been your major achievements to date

    I got to know about the IEEE in 2008 through a friend who gave me one of the magazines to read. I was fascinated by the diversity within IEEE. Upon joining the IEEE, I was elected as publicity secretary for the Uganda Subsection. Recently, the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee for Activities in Africa appointed me to serve as the Community Moderator for IEEE Collabratec Kampala Uganda Community. I publicize IEEE activities in Uganda, mobilize members for meetings and events. I am also active in the creation of promotional materials for our local subsection. I have participated numerous times in IEEE trainings in East Africa and am one of the Subsection TISP Champions currently working with members in Uganda to develop a web-based solution for technology innovation management. This has been possible with generous support from EPICS in the IEEE Committee.

    What are goals of IEEE EPICS for 2015-2016?

    In 2012 the government of Uganda developed a new framework for Science, Technology and Innovation development, empowering various stakeholder organizations to take active roles in implementing the STI development plan. In line with this, we have engaged university and high school students from Makerere, Kyambogo University and Entebbe Secondary School to work with Humanitarian Innovation Technical Institute (not-for-profit innovation structure) and IEEE Uganda Subsection members to develop a web-based solution for Science, Technology and Innovation Management. This will be used to collaboratively generate, identify and select innovative community projects for further development as a way of uplifting the population from absolute poverty.

    High School Students Make Robots During National Robotics Challenge Cup at Makerere University
    How will the EPICS projects really impact and change the overall condition of Uganda?

    The EPICS projects will help to strengthen Uganda’s invention, innovation and entrepreneurship base by:

    Enhancing research activities in science and technology
    Improving awareness of community inventions and innovations
    Providing an environment for intellectual property protection
    Leading to the achievement of financial stability through arrangement of partnership with investors, donors
    Creating employment opportunities and promoting industrial development
    How can the overall IEEE community assist the IEEE Uganda and the EPICS project during this time?

    IEEE Uganda recognizes that there are a number of communities out there who need similar platforms. We look forward to partnering with various organizations and technologists in establishing more of these innovation platforms in various IEEE countries. Visibility of such a valuable solution is possible through various publications and we are looking for organizations that can help in raising awareness of what we are doing.

    Ezabo Baron and Lwanga Herbert Introducing IEEE to Students in Makerere University
    We have also scheduled entrepreneurship training for scientists and engineers in Uganda where members will be trained in the processes of innovation and inventions.

    Interview conducted by Sarang Shaikh, Senior Assistant Editor, GOLDRush

    Article edited by Dr. Eddie Custovic, Editor-in-Chief, GOLDRush

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