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    September, 3 2023, Noor E Karishma Shaik


    This post discusses career programs offered by IEEE-USA for young professionals, including webinars, e-books, and the Insight newsletter. The webinars cover job searching, career advancement, salary negotiation, and soft skills. The e-books cover various topics, including biographies of women in engineering, career transitioning, and engineering activities for the classroom. The Insight newsletter covers career tips, public policy, and innovation. IEEE-USA also shares information on social media and offers email newsletters. Feedback from young professionals is welcome to enhance the value of IEEE-USA's activities.

    Article contributed by
    Brendan Godfrey,
    IEEE-USA Vice-President, Career & Member Services
    Amritesh Rai, IEEE-USA Young Professionals Representative

    Don’t forget that IEEE-USA has several programs of interest to young engineers! In this blog post, we will focus on the Career Webinars, E-books, and the Insight newsletter. Please check out www.ieeeusa.org and utilize your member benefits.

    1. Career Webinars: Our webinars are designed to help members find their next job, elevate their career, negotiate their salary, understand workplace ethics, develop soft skills and more!  Recent examples include a five-webinar series on basics of long-term financial planning for individuals, a series on patents and trademarks, and individual webinars on networking, resume-writing, interviewing, and selecting the right job.  Webinars are live-streamed a few times a month on YouTube. Facebook and LinkedIn; Q&A is encouraged.  The list of webinars can be found at: https://ieeeusa.org/calendar/career-webinars. Past webinars can be viewed on the IEEE-USA YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/ieeeusa.  IEEE-USA also offers biweekly public policy webinars and occasional other topics. 

    2. IEEE-USA publishes about twenty e-books and audiobooks a year, covering a wide range of career and other topics.  Particularly noteworthy are twenty-four short biographies of women in engineering, highlighting the challenges and accomplishments of these outstanding engineers.  Several other noteworthy recent series include “Career Transitioning 101”, “Creativity”, “Critical Thinking Skills for Engineers”, and “Engineering Activities for the Classroom”.  For students, there even are a few comic books.  These and hundreds of other titles are available free to IEEE members worldwide at: https://ieeeusa.org/shop/.

    3. InSight is the IEEE-USA flagship online publicaton, covering career tips, soft skills, public policy, innovation, and more.  For instance, one post, “For Consultants: Sell Yourself!”, presents nine clear actions for budding consultants to take to expand their client bases.  Other recent posts include “Remember These Tips to Maintain Your Audience’s Attention” and “Five Surefire Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated”.  To sign up for the Insight or other IEEE-USA newsletters, go to:  https://ieeeusa.org/communications/newsletters/

    Readers can stay abreast of IEEE-USA and its programs by visiting its website at https://ieeeusa.org/ and by subscribing to its five email newsletters, “IEEE-USA InSight Update”, “IEEE-USA Leadership Connection”, “IEEE-USA Conference Brief”, “IEEE-USA Washington Update”, and “IEEE-USA SmartBrief”.  The monthly Leadership Connection, in particular, is written to inform U.S. student members and YPs about resources designed to help them build satisfying and sustainable careers. Subscribe to any of these newsletters at https://ieeeusa.org/communications/newsletters/.  IEEE-USA also shares information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Collabratec.  Please “like” our posts and “share” them with colleagues.

    Finally, IEEE-USA is looking to enhance the value of its activities for YPs and would like your input.  Please send your questions and suggestions to amritesh557@ieee.org or brendan.godfrey@ieee.org. A subsequent blog post will discuss the other career programs.