• Innovative Journey of Power & Energy Society Young Professionals in 2023

    November, 29 2023, Noor E Karishma Shaik


    This blog post discusses the innovative and impactful journey of the IEEE Power & Energy Society Young Professionals (IEEE PES YP) in 2023. They have implemented various initiatives to achieve this, including the Outstanding Volunteer of the Month recognition program, Virtual University Lab Visits, Article Publication Support Community, and the Forming Future Leader campaign. These efforts have created a vibrant community, facilitated knowledge sharing, and provided targeted development programs, all of which contribute to the advancement of the power and energy industry.

    Article contributed by Mr Albin Paul, Chair at IEEE Power and Energy Society Young Professionals

    In the ever-evolving landscape of power and energy, the IEEE Power & Energy Society Young Professionals (IEEE PES YP) have been driving innovation and fostering a vibrant community. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting array of activities and achievements that have defined the IEEE PES YP’s journey in 2023.

    Outstanding Volunteer of the Month Recognition Program

    The PES YP community believes in celebrating outstanding contributions. They’ve introduced the “Outstanding Volunteer of the Month” recognition program to honor and appreciate dedicated volunteers who have gone above and beyond in serving the community. This program not only recognizes the hard work and dedication of these volunteers, but it also inspires others to actively participate and contribute to the community.

    Virtual University Lab Visits Program

    In an era of digital connection, the IEEE PES YP embarked on a journey to virtually explore university labs. Two episodes have already been completed with the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India & Cardiff University, UK, and collaborations with universities for three more episodes are underway, offering young professionals a unique insight into cutting-edge research. These virtual lab visits provide an opportunity for young professionals to learn and engage with experts in the field, expanding their knowledge and fostering collaboration across borders.

    Article Publication Support Community

    To foster knowledge sharing, the IEEE PES YP initiated an Article Publication Support Community. This includes training workshops and a supportive WhatsApp community where members can enhance their writing skills and collaborate on publishing articles in the power and energy domain. By providing a platform for young professionals to share their expertise and research through publications, the IEEE PES YP is contributing to the advancement of the industry and creating a culture of continuous learning and development.

    Forming Future Leader Campaign

    The “Forming Future Leader” campaign, in its first phase, involves a Perception and Industry Connection survey. This survey aims to understand the needs and aspirations of young professionals in the field, paving the way for targeted development programs. By gathering insights and feedback from young professionals, the IEEE PES YP can tailor their initiatives and resources to better support the growth and advancement of future leaders in the power and energy industry.

    IEEE PES Young Professionals have made 2023 a year of innovation and excellence. They have spearheaded numerous initiatives and events that empower their members and contribute to the advancement of the power and energy industry as a whole. Their impact is evident through skill enrichment workshops, monthly webinars, participation in key events, funding opportunities, diverse events, virtual regional summits, an annual virtual summit, relaunch of the “Power Tech” newsletter, and partnership in the PES Green Entrepreneur Competition. Their commitment to education, collaboration, and sustainability is a testament to their dedication to shaping a brighter future for all.

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    Article Contribution: Albin Paul is the Quality Inspector at Jász-Plasztik Ltd and serving as a Chair of IEEE Power & Energy Society Young Professional 2023. He recently received IEEE MGA YP Achievement Award for his active contributions to IEEE YP.