2023 Executive Team

The IEEE Young Professionals program is brought to you through a strong collaborative effort between dedicated IEEE volunteers and professional staff. The executive team works closely with its volunteer representatives in each of the 10 IEEE Regions and over 30 IEEE Technical Societies to ensure that the quality of the program worldwide is consistent among local IEEE Young Professional Affinity Groups, IEEE Regions, and IEEE Technical Societies. Our primary goal is to deliver the best possible experience for you as an IEEE member, by helping you connect with your technical and professional community, and enable career development opportunities as you transition beyond undergraduate education and into the workforce, both in academia and industry.


  • Hasala Dharmawardena

    Hasala Dharmawardena


  • Emre Ayranci

    Emre Ayranci

    Past Chiar


  • Megha Ben

    Megha Ben

    TAB Rep

  • Dr. Saaveethya Sivakumar

    Saaveethya Sivakumar

    MGA Rep

  • Chamika Sudusinghe

    Chamika Sudusinghe

    TAB Rep

  • Anand Shah

    Anand Shah

    MGA rep

  • Andrew Lowery

    Drew Lowery

    MGA Rep

  • Nita Patel

    Nita Patel

    TAB Rep

Committee Members

  • R S Nithin

    R S Nithin


  • Daniel Diaz

    Daniel Diaz


  • Sajith Wijesuriya

    Sajith Wijesuriya


  • Pasan Pethiyagode

    Pasan Pethiyagode


  • Mauricio Cano

    Mauricio Cano


  • Noor E Karsihma Shaik

    Noor E Karsihma Shaik

    IMPACT Blog Editor In Chief


  • Evan Straley

    Evan Straley