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    YP Leadership Wiki

    Plug into one of the most powerful networks within IEEE.This wiki incorporates suggestions from the Society/Council YP reps, Technical Activities Staff and Young Professionals Committee Members.

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  • YP Volunteers DirectoryYP Volunteers Directory

    YP Volunteers Directory

    Make great connections with IEEE Volunteers from your home country and around the world.

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  • YP Executive CommitteYP Executive Committe

    YP Executive Committe

    The executive team works closely with its volunteer representatives in each of the 10 IEEE Regions and over 30 IEEE Technical Societies to ensure that the quality of the program worldwide is consistent among local IEEE Young Professional Affinity Groups, IEEE Regions, and IEEE Technical Societies.

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Recent Updates

  • Metaverse and Multiverse: The Real Sense of AR, VR, MR, XR and IR

    The terms “Metaverse”, “Multiverse”, “Omniverse”, "Virtual Reality", "Augmented Reality", “Mixed Reality”, “Extended Reality”, “Digital Reality”, and “Immersive Reality” are being muddled and thrown around a lot. All these technologies are reality technologies that either

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  • Enhancing Healthcare System by Creating Vaccine Awareness using Blockchain

    Deboleena Bhattacharyya1, Kavitha Duraipandian2, Sharanya Rajan3, Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan4 1,2Department of Computer Science Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram Campus, India 3University Hospital Southampton, NHS, UK 4MIT Square Services Private Limited, London Em

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  • Tips for Choosing a Startup Partner

    If you’re a brand new entrepreneur, it may be a good idea to pursue your first startup with a partner instead of going solo. Having a partner can strengthen your business insights, audience reach, and overall skill set. Running a new business can be an overwhelming and daunting task for an inexper

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  • Photo of students at University of Calgary Event

    Who am I? Cyber-security expert and TV Host

    Cyber security expert and host of a television show? It is not every day that we come across an IEEE volunteer involved in these two distinct fields. Dr. El Guindy is a frequent blogger on Middle East cyber security issues, human rights, digital surveillance and cyber threats. In addition, he publis

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