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    Photo of Loai Khalayli receiving an award
    February, 13 2022, Robert Sacks

    The Society has gone through a major change this year, beginning from its conversion from a council to a society, and has undergone a major review of its services and products offered to the members. Based on this review last year, a need for programs targeted towards our Young Professional members was recognized and work has already started under a ‘Young Professionals Sub-Committee’ to deliver a portfolio of programs to this category of our members.

    The Young Professionals (YP) Sub-Committee is headed by Sohaib Sheikh from the UK and Ireland Section and falls under the Membership Activities of the Society.

    The YP programs portfolio has a major focus on providing value to our members through initiatives related to education, networking and helping the student members transition to the job market.

    Under an ambitious program, a ten-member YP team has been established and plans to launch the following programs.

    A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) titled ‘Engineering Management for Young Professionals’ is being created to provide the basics of management to our Student and Early Career YPs. The MOOC lectures will be available from mid-2016 on IEEEx (https://www.edx.org/school/ieeex)
    A webinar series has been developed to keep our members abreast with the ever-evolving world of Engineering Management. By the time of the publication of this magazine, the first webinar titled ‘The Role of Management & Challenges in Entrepreneurship’ would have been organized. There shall be one webinar every two months related to TEMS fields of interest.
    The YP team has created a new section in the Engineering Management Review journal specifically for Young Professionals. The section is will provide thought provoking articles on topics which affects the day-to-day professional life of our YP members across the world.
    Along with these initiatives, a massive campaign has also been initiated to promote TEMS to YPs all across the world through internal IEEE partnerships, use of social media and networking events. In the upcoming months, TEMS sessions are being organized in Croatia, Jordan, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.


    The ten-member multi-national team of YP volunteers hails from five regions of IEEE, and focus on different aspects of our programs.

    How you can contribute:

    At IEEE TEMS YP, “You” is always and shall be the first priority for team. All the programs have been designed to satisfy needs of Young professionals but we understand that there is always room for improvement and therefore, call on you all, our members, to send in ideas or feedback related to our programs.

    Furthermore, we would like to request the following:

    If you believe that your experience/ wisdom and opinion, in the form of an article, can be beneficial to aspiring Students and Young Professionals, kindly write to us at sarangshayk@gmail.com.
    If you want to introduce IEEE TEMS to some program or activity that is still missing in the development plan, please share us with your ideas on: sohaibqamer@ieee.org.