• Spotlight on Microwave Theory and Techniques with Kiran Rajmohan

    Headshot of Kiran Rajmohan
    April, 12 2022, Robert Sacks

    I’m Kiran Rajmohan. I am a recent graduate in Electronics and Communication from College of Engineering Trivandrum. Electronics has been a passion since my childhood and I continue it in my job at Texas Instruments where I work as an Analog Engineer. I have had an obsession in doing engineering projects in a variety of fields right from my high school and I am still obsessed with it. Most of my work has been in embedded processing with a tinge of programming here and there.

    IEEE is another of my passion. In my first year of undergraduate studies, a senior of mine showed me how much IEEE could give you if you put in the effort and ever since I’ve been an ardent volunteer. I believe that it is the best platform through which one can give back to the community for all that your mentors and guides have given you. I have had the good fortune and support to serve as the Section Student Representative of Kerala Section, Chair for my student branch and various other roles on the way to these; Each of which I consider as important as the other. I recently moved into Bangalore section and continue to volunteer in both Kerala and Bangalore Section actively. I am currently also serving as the editor for the Young Professionals in Microwaves Blog.
    My current focus is with Young Professionals in MTT-S as well as increasing technical content & engineering aptitude for undergraduate students with hand-on experience.

    What does the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management offer Young Professionals?
    Microwave and RF is one of those niche fields where the community is rather lean. Being part of the MTT-S helps to better network and get in touch with those scattered few and make the most of it. The MTT-S flagship conferences are some of the most prestigious conferences in the field and your best bet of meeting the “big fish”. As a Young Professional, it is imperative to make those crucial contacts and stay in the game whether it be for the benefit of ones career path, research improvement or for the entrepreneurial success.

    Hhighlight any of your’s current on-going project or initiative where you need suggestions or comments from Young Professionals

    We are currently working on an initiative, Young Professionals in Microwave, for revitalising the MTT-S Young Professionals community with greater networking opportunities, better and more frequent sessions/workshops etc. Among other things like involvement in conferences and local workshops, we have a special interest in hardware based startups as well enabling greater sharing of know-how. It would be absolutely wonderful if people out there with the same passion who are interested to join in this initiative could pitch in. Any suggestions, comments on direction, events or improvements would be tremendously helpful in making this initiative more fertile.