• Spotlight on Technology and Engineering Management with Sohaib Sheikh

    Photo of Sohaib Sheikh sitting in a chair as part of a panel
    April, 12 2022, Robert Sacks

    Sohaib Q. Sheikh (StM ’07, M ’13) is the Director, Young Professionals and a member of the administrative committee at the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society. He also sits on the IEEE Education Activities Board as the Chair of the Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee and has also been a member of the IEEE Region 8 Education Activities Committee for past 4 years.

    He obtained his B.S. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan and his M.S. degree in Telecommunication and Networks from City University London, UK. He currently works as an Digital Systems Consultant for Ove Arup and Partners Ltd in London, UK where his career has focused on designing networks and ICT infrastructure strategies for large scale development projects in the United Kingdom, Russia and the Middle East.

    What does the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management offer Young Professionals?

    IEEE TEMS initiated its Young Professional programs in 2015 and in the span of one year we are proud to state that we have built our foundation on our education programs. TEMS provides IEEE members with an opportunity to learn from and engage with professionals in the management side of engineering and technology. We have been working on programs which span from introducing members to Engineering Management concepts such as our MOOC on ‘Project Management for Engineers’ which is due to be launched in 2017 to bi-monthly webinars from industry experts and focused articles by thought leaders aimed at YPs in our Engineering Management Review journal. We aim to build on these programs in the future and provide more value to our members.

    We would like to invite Young Professionals to send us suggestions relating to TEMS fields of interest which they would like to see implemented.