Arjun Shetty

Senior Editor

Arjun Shetty is currently working as a Device Engineer at Intel Corporation. Prior to this, He worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada. He obtained his PhD from the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Science. His thesis involved the development of Schottky diodes and photodetectors using III-nitride thin films and nanostructures grown using molecular beam epitaxy. Post his PhD, he worked as a Sr. Device Engineer at Sandisk India Device Design Centre, Bangalore, India for two years where he worked on silicon NAND flash memory device reliability. His research interests broadly span III-V semiconductors, quantum devices, low dimensional electron transport and solid-state memory devices. Arjun has been an active IEEE member for over 4 years now and was recently elevated to the rank of Senior Member. Arjun is passionate about writing and science communication and hopes to bring interesting stories from the unpublicized corners of science and engineering to the readers of the IMPACT blog.