• Spotlight on Industry Application Society with Ms. Megha Tak

    Photo of Ms. Megha Tak
    April, 12 2022, Robert Sacks

    Ms.Megha Tak is an IEEE Young Professional and an associate product manager at Practo. Founded in 2008, Practo’s mission is to help improve human longevity by simplifying healthcare. We’re leading the way with Practo.com – Asia’s #1 doctor search engine used by millions of patients every month and Practo Ray – the practice management solution of choice for thousands of doctors managing millions of appointments and digital healthcare records every year.

    What better to be able to call yourself an “Engineer”. An engineer at core, I completed my Bachelors in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from DA-IICT, India in 2013, followed by job role of Software Algorithm Developer at Qualcomm till September 2015, to moving as Product Manager at Practo, Bangalore, India.

    IEEE and and the Industry Application Society has always been learning and fun rather than job , and I have been with IEEE since 2009 and with IAS since 2012, moving from IAS Student Branch Chair in 2012, to CMD Committee Member in 2013 and finally Young Professional Chair for IAS since 2013.

    Ms Megha Tak volunteering and delivering a talk at the Region 10 Young Professional meeting

    “What does IEEE Industry Application Society offer Young Professionals?”

    At IAS Young Professional, we focus on “Why” more than the What. And hence our aim for Young Professional’s if to be able to deliver a platform for collaboration, professional and personal learning and bonding for people across the world, doing cutting edge research or working in companies on future technologies . And to successfully achieve this need for collaboration with industries and people working there, IAS YP aims to connect best minds whenever and where ever possible.

    “Knowing about small and big industries and work done across the globe is extremely essential for growth, and IAS YP helps you get a step closer to it.”

    If you are a young professional and would like to learn more and share your thoughts, block out your calendar for the “Young Professional Networking event “at APEC 2016, Long Beach, CA, USA on 22nd March 2016. You Can register for the Networking event here: http://goo.gl/forms/lFPFXmFq7n